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Friday, August 1, 2008

Industrial Logic at Agile 2008

My Industrial Logic colleagues will be out in force at the Agile 2008 conference.

In order of appearance...

  • Brian Foote: "Agility, Evolution, Emergence, And The Primordial Ooze"
  • Mike Hill: "Throwing the Agile Transition Party"
  • Brian Foote: "Big Ball of Mud"
  • Joshua Kerievsky : "Ten Terrific Transition Tips"
  • John Tangney: "Mastering Selenium"
  • Mike Hill: "Clean Code Clinic: Dealing with CRRAP - Microtesting Legacy Code"
  • Joshua Kerievsky, Gil Broza: "Crafting User Stories – Four Experts And The Audience Weigh In"
  • Joshua Kerievsky: "Refactoring Strategies & Tactics"
  • Gil Broza: "Agile Clinic - Bring Your Toughest Challenges"
  • Gil Broza: "The Secrets of High-Performance Agile Implementations"
  • Keith Ray, Gil Broza: "Refactoring for Testable C++"
  • Brian Foote: "Patterns Poster Children"
  • Joshua Kerievsky: "Estimating Considered Wasteful: Introducing Micro-Releases"

Tuesday - Friday
  • Joshua Kerievsky, Mike Hill: "Programming with the Stars"


  1. And I'll be in a panel disscussion "Legacy Wrapup" on Friday.

  2. I don't think Brian needs to capitalize the "a" in "and" in the title of his talk "Agility, Evolution, Emergence, and The Primordial Ooze."

    Also, he would have been better off titling his Thursday talk "The Poster Children of Patterns" rather than "Patterns Poster Children," which begs a possessive diacritic.

    Otherwise, I am sure Brian is going to kick some object-oriented ass at Agile this year.

    All hail the iterative solution revolution!