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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

jBehave's Golden Rules

I like these "Golden Rules" for contributers to jBehave:

Here are some rules that we follow when developing JBehave:

  • Example Driven: Only create code to solve a realistic (and preferably real) problem.
  • Behaviour Driven: Only create classes once you can describe and automate examples of their behaviour.
  • No Misbehaving: Automated examples must work before being checked into the repository, and existing tests must not be broken.

They have a new release, by the way. With "plain text" scenarios. Check it out.


  1. Ryan Greenhall has posted a nice example Behavior Driven Development using JBehave for a very simple development project at http://www.ryangreenhall.com/articles/bdd-by-example.html

  2. Hi

    how can i take error message screenshot in JBehave.
    for example :- if enter wrong user name and password in GMAIL . it will error message as "The username or password you entered is incorrect. [?]". this screen i need catch in JBehave, and i using selenium with JBehave.

    could please help me regard this