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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Peer Discussion Improves Student Performance

Science Daily reports that peer discussion using "clickers" helps students learn in a way that simple lecturing does not.

Clickers are simple audience response devices, similar to a TV remote control, that allow students to record their answers to thought-provoking, multiple-choice questions in class. After students answer a question individually, the instructor often asks them to discuss the question and then vote again before revealing the answer. After discussion, they usually do better on the question - but why?

The important point is that none of the students were told what the right answer was," said Su. "Even when students in a discussion group all got the initial answer wrong, after talking to each other they were able to figure out the correct response, to learn. That was unexpected, and I think that's dramatic.

Industrial Logic's Agile eLearning allows students to add comments or questions on every page, and even comment or question specific parts of a quiz. You can see a sample of this in the new videos in the Welcome Album. (See "Community and Feedback" in the track "Find Your Way: Start Here")

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