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C. Keith Ray writes about and develops software in multiple platforms and languages, including iOS® and Macintosh®.
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Link to my Resume

Normally I'd use the proper accents for Résumé, but just in case... my resume (pdf)

I'm considering writing a book on Test-Driven Development in Objective-C (targeting MacOS X and iOS) and/or a book on TDD in C++ and Objective-C++ [with examples targeting Windows, Mac, and a cross-platform GUI.


  1. I'd love to see a good TDD framework for C++ in actual use.

  2. I recommend Google Test for C++ (gTest) or CppUTest for test frameworks. Google Mock for C++ works (gMock) works with gTest.

    I might post a video or two sometime...

    Check out the online training at Industrial Logic Inc.: https://elearning.industriallogic.com/gh/submit?Action=AlbumContentsAction&album=collaborations&devLanguage=Cpp

  3. I'd really like to see examples of good TDD dealing with view controllers and all the frequent dependencies on the many Cocoa facilities. Do you happen to know of any open source code with good examples?

  4. I don't have an example handy. Google searches might turn up an example. Do look at GHUnit (Google test framework for Objective-C):


  5. We have been doing some TDD with C++ with GMock and GTest. Happy to help, if we can.

    E: nospam at uglyduckling.nl


  6. Yeah, a good book about TDD with ObjC is needed IMO.
    Would be good also to show approaches for how to deal with getting most of UI code under tests for Cocoa/Cocoa Touch (iOS). With a focus on the TDD process for doing that. How to work.

  7. I would pay money today for this book. So yeah, you should write it. 8)

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