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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Available and Seeking Employment

I am available and seeking employment.

I am now extremely interested in getting back into product development and away from Agile Coaching. I am particularly interested in programming for the iPad and iPhone and Macintosh, and I would appreciate it if you, a reader of this blog, consider me for "mobile" or "Macintosh/cross-platform" Senior Software Developer positions.

As a technically-oriented Agile Coach for the last 5 years, I have helped teams reduce their bug counts and increase their rate of feature implementation. When I coach a team, I dive into the source code, quickly analyze and understand it, and help the team refactor it for testability and improved design. I help them write unit tests and teach them test-driven development; and provide instructions in other parts of an Agile software development process using Scrum and XP practices.

I have coached whole teams (managers, programmers, testers) at clients including Google using C++ and Python on Linux, IronKey using PHP, C, and C++ on Linux and Windows, Nokia-Siemans Networks in C++, and Schlumberger in C# and C++ on Windows, and Huawei in C++, and provided training to developers at these and other companies including HP.

Previous to working as an Agile Coach, I have worked on whole life-cycle projects at
  • Apple, in C and C++,
  • Intuit, using Objective-C, Cocoa, Carbon and C++,
  • Electronics for Imaging, in C++ and Java on Mac and Windows,
  • Hoffbauer Inc., my first use of Objective-C on NeXTStep (the ancestor of Cocoa and CocoaTouch),
  • Ideal Learning, using Object Pascal, Object C, and C++, and
  • Kodak Health Imaging Systems, in C++ on Mac and Unix.
  • Pixera, a digital camera startup, in C++ on Mac and Windows.

While at Google, I contributed code to Google's open-source C++ test framework gtest and provided technical reviews of Google's open-source C++ mock-objects framework gmock.


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