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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Agile Writing

(Originally posted 2003.Apr.07 Mon; links may have expired.)

A writing collaboration is taking place in the Agile Modeling mailing list. Scott Ambler posted a draft of a paper he's writing, about the rights and responsibilities of stakeholders and developers.

Scott: So, I'd appreciate any feedback that you might have. Thanks in advance.

Ron Jeffries: Here it is. It was wise to thank me in advance, because in a few minutes you may no longer feel that way.

Anne & Larry Brunelle's idea of no longer separating developers from the other stakeholders has resulted in a new paradigm. Ron's combined-rights draft has phrases like:

  • You have the right and responsibility to show and to observe progress in a running system, proven to work by repeatable tests specified by customers and programmers alike.

  • You have the right and responsibility to know what is needed, with clear declarations of priority. You have the right and responsibility to contribute as much as you can to determining needs and priorities.

  • You have the right and responsibility to ask for and receive help from everyone on the project, peers, superiors, subordinates, programmers, or customers. You have the responsibility to give help when it is asked for.

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