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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thanks to a lot of hard work

Thanks to a lot of hard work, Sizeography's first iOS app, myGraph, is now live in the app store. This app allows you to print completely customized grid or graph paper from your iPhone or iPad to any compatible AirPrint printer. For a 99¢ one-time purchase (no ads, ever), you will have as many or as few sheets of graph paper to your exact specifications, at home or away. 

You can also use myGraph to send a pdf of your custom or predefined grid or graph paper to:
  • AirDrop
  • DropBox
  • Evernote
  • Message
  • Mail
  • Save an image to your photo library.
  • Copy an image to be pasted in another app.
  • myGraph can send pdf files to apps that accept pdf files.
  • and, myGraph can send png files to apps that accept png files.

We're working on a list of 101 uses for this app. Here are a few we have thought up so far:
  1. Planning and designing woodworking projects.
  2. Print a grid to help with sewing patterns.
  3. Tailoring.
  4. Scrap-booking.
  5. Science class: plotting lab results.
  6. Math class: graphing equations.
  7. Geometry class.
  8. Trigonometry class.
  9. Practicing writing Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other languages.
Have another use for custom graph paper in mind? Comment here or on our sizeography.com site.

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