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Monday, March 31, 2014

Link Blogging

I am going to post links to "interesting" articles I encounter, with a short quote and/or tiny amount of explanation. Sometimes a short quote or explanation will be too long to tweet, and I don't want to fill my tweet streams with a hundred links per week.

http://letsworkshop.com "Workshop is a daily newsletter and community delivering the best freelance opportunities to your inbox" "100% freelance-friendly leads" 10 leads/day = $64/month 5 leads/day = $99/month

http://www.cheryl-morgan.com/?p=18787 "Origins of Feminist Transphobia" by Cheryl Morgan "Back in the 1970s, being a radical feminist often meant being a lesbian separatist..." "read Suzy McKee Charnas’s Holdfast Chronicles [which goes into lesbian separatism in depth]" "for lesbian separatists the idea of a lesbian trans woman can be even more horrifying, because it leads to thoughts of people who are “really men” stealing their girlfriends."

http://qualitycoding.org/xcode51-code-coverage/ "Code Coverage Fixed for Xcode 5.1" "The Xcode 5.1 update proved to be more exciting than I anticipated. And I mean “exciting” in the sense of “breaking the tools I use.” xctool stopped working, and so did my code coverage scripts." "go get the latest XcodeCoverage to get up & running again on Xcode 5.1. Enjoy"

http://buzzsumo.com/blog/pitch-journalist-tips-techcrunch-ny-times/?utm_source=hootsuite&utm_campaign=hootsuite "How To Pitch to Journalists: Expert Tips From Techcrunch, NYT and more" "I am appalled by how lazy PR people are and completely fed up with the BS they keep sending me."
"Pitching to a journalist isn’t rocket science. Assuming you have a compelling story, make sure you follow these simple tips:
  • Don’t use buzzwords like “disruptive”
  • Don’t write long introduction – cut to the chase.
  • Make sure it’s relevant to the journalist.
  • Make it short and sweet (lean and impactful)
  • Tailor your pitch to each journalist
  • Answer the question: Why does this matter today?"

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