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Monday, March 31, 2014

Link Blogging

http://www.neat.io/blog/app-developer-vs-seo.html "[three pages] shared the same common template and content." "these three pages (the most important pages to rank for due to their specificity), were not being ranked very highly on Google. Turns out search engines don't like duplicate content and heavily penalise your site for it" "Links which are in bold are also given more weight so each link to a service page is wrapped in strong tags" "Understanding how search engines crawl pages and how they interpret the semantic structure of your pages was eye-opening."

Two "Magnificent Seven" blogs today:

  1.  http://feeds.boingboing.net/~r/boingboing/iBag/~3/iFXG2dI8ueA/story01.htm "Podcast: Collective Action - the Magnificent Seven anti-troll business-model" "The reason the victims [of patent trolls] don’t get together to fight back is that they don’t know each other and have no way to coordinate among each other. In economists’ jargon, they have a ‘‘collective action problem.’’"
  2.  http://agiletng.org/2014/03/21/the-seven-samurai/ "A pattern language for enterprise agile transformation" "Continuous Assessment: Motivate Agile in terms of bottom line metrics." etc.
http://boingboing.net/2014/03/31/google-maps-spam-problem-pre.html "Google Maps' spam problem presents genuine security issues" "a Microsoft Engineer demonstrated an attack against Google Maps through which he was able to set up fake Secret Service offices in the company's geo-database, complete with fake phone numbers that rang a switch under his control and then were forwarded to real Secret Service offices, allowing him to intercept and record phone-calls made to the Secret Service" "this is a higher-stakes version of a common spam-attack on Google Maps practiced by locksmith, carpet cleaning, and home repair services" "Google’s basically getting a not insignificant amount of their income from scammers—if you look at locksmiths, 99 percent of them are scammers,” says Austin"

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