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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Conflict Haiku and other Writings

(Originally posted 2003.Jun.18 Wed; links may have expired.)

Some good papers by Rick Brenner of Chaco Canyon consulting... the Point Lookout email newsletter.

Conflict Haiku: "When tempers flare, or tension fills the air, many of us contribute to the stew, often without realizing that we do. Here are some haiku that describe some of the many stances we choose that can lead groups into tangles, or let those tangles persist once they form."

When Naming Hurts: "One of our great strengths as Humans is our ability to name things. Naming empowers us by helping us think about and communicate complex ideas. But naming has a dark side, too. We use naming to oversimplify, to denigrate, to disempower, and even to dehumanize. When we abuse this tool, we hurt our companies, our colleagues and ourselves."

Let Me Finish, Please "We use meetings to exchange information and to explore complex issues. In open discussion, we tend to interrupt each other. Interruptions can be disruptive, distracting, funny, essential, and frustratingly common. What can we do to limit interruptions without depriving ourselves of their benefits?"

Full list of past issues: http://www.ChacoCanyon.com/pointlookout/topicalarchive.shtml

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