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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Experience-based list of traps for those new to XP

(Originally posted 2003.May.04 Sun; links may have expired.)

Alex Chaffee has started a wiki page http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?XpPitfalls, making a list of pitfalls often encountered by teams new to XP. Erik Hanson made "major additions".

For example: "Problem: Refactoring is hard. Really hard. Solution: Practice, practice, practice."

This item is probably meant more for entertainment: "Problem: OAOO can lead to a nest of small objects. Writing new code or debugging you end up getting lost in a Smalltalky maze of pointers. Solution: Stop the madness. Trust your design instincts. Solution: Don't hire former Smalltalk programmers :-) "

Wyatt Sutherland reports a XP+Scrum success story for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, on the XP Mailing List. A software project that supports BCBSoT's customer base of millions, managed via index cards and agile techniques.

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